Most asked questions

How long will it take?

Let us know upfront when you require the assessment to be completed. Turnaround depends on the size and complexity of the dwelling and ranges from around a week for individual houses and one to two weeks for multi-unit properties. Of course, we can provide faster turnaround to meet tighter timeframes, just let us know

Information we need for an assessment

We’ll need the final full set of the plans to be submitted to council in PDF format including:

  • Site plan (showing north point)
  • Floor plan
  • Elevations
  • Window schedule
  • Lighting plan (preferred)
  • Materials used in construction


How long is a BASIX certificate valid?

A BASIX certificate is valid for three months prior to submission to the council or accredited certifier. Once lodged, it is valid for the maximum life of the development application. It’s a good idea to have the BASIX completed once the design is finalised and ready for lodgement.

What if my design does not pass BASIX?

If your design does not pass BASIX, we’ll discuss your options and our recommendations to ensure it passes. Simply select those most suitable for you included them in the design plans and we’ll prepare a new assessment and the certificate.

What are the BASIX fees?

The NSW Department of Planning & Environment charges a fee for issuing a BASIX certificate. The fee varies depending on the type of development outlined here

What is the cost of revising a BASIX certificate?

Costs will be determined on a project by project basis. There is no additional government fee for revising a BASIX certificate provided it relates to the same property within the project recorded on the original certificate. It must also be lodged or be valid to be lodged with a consent authority

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