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E Planning fully understands the importance of providing access to built environments that is easy for any person to navigate. As a town planner and sustainability consultant, we offer turnkey access consulting solutions.

Exterior granite brick wall building and ramp access for wheelchair facility

The power of inclusion

In NSW, about one in five people live with disability. Limitations on their means to communicate, move freely or achieve self-care activities are worsened by not being able to comfortably access built infrastructure… and this is avoidable.

With a significant number of people in NSW affected by disability, access is a key consideration in town planning and social planning, construction and development projects to ensure that all environments are accessible to everyone.

At E Planning, we have in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of all the requirements under the anti-discrimination laws, work health and safety legislation and building control regulations to offer turnkey access consulting solutions tailored to your project.

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Guided by the DDA

The Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1922 (DDA) protects all people in Australia against discrimination based on disability.

Discrimination happens when people with disability – or their relatives, friends and carers – are treated less fairly than people without disability; they are discriminated against.

The DDA expects every area and facility open to the public to be equally accessible to everyone. If people without disability can enter and use an area, so should people with disability… with equal ease. These areas include libraries, places of worship, government offices, health care facilities, restaurants or shops.

Many of us think of access architecture only in terms of people with disabilities that restrict their movement. But the DDA defines disability as physical, intellectual, psychiatric, sensory, neurological and learning related.

In providing easy access for all people with different disabilities, the built environment should include elements such as wheelchair-accessible toilets, lift buttons within reach, tactile and audible lift signals and accessible information to all users of the premises.

Although these regulations sound hard and fast, the DDA does not require you to make access provisions if this will cause major difficulties or excessive costs to you or your organisation.

Engaging professionals in understanding what your options are and whether you comply with the regulations as set out in the DDA is imperative to the success of your project.

Our access consultancy solutions

We provide specialist advice and consultancy solutions to help you achieve the required levels of access within built environments for people with any form of disability.

We work with architects, designers, builders, surveyors and agencies to ensure we incorporate all the access and universal design requirements into the developments.

Disabled man on wheelchair preparing to cross the road on pedestrian crossing

We offer:

  • Disability access audit at all stages of town planning design and development
  • Detailed access reports
  • Alternative, practical solutions where access compliance is difficult to achieve
  • Comprehensive recommendations on areas that might have a DDA infringement
  • Practical recommendations to achieve best practices and meet DDA legislation requirements
  • Detailed design briefs to guide the development process.

Town planning and social planning involve numerous moving parts and distinct phases – all equally important in the development of built environments.

Engaging our access consulting solutions early in your development project will result in the most cost-effective design and smooth collaboration with the architect, builders and other role players.

signpost of emergency department and car park in front of a building

Partner with the experts

Our expert town planning consultants have years of industry experience offering achievable access solutions for our clients.

We are well versed in what’s required by legislation in ensuring equal access to built environments.

Contact our team today to start the conversation.

Our Town Planning Services

Town Planning Services

We help you get Development Application and Complying Development through council. Our town planning services are aimed at large commercial and industrial developments, as well as private homes.

BASIX Certification

Our team of town planning consultants is here to help with BASIX/NatHERS Assessments, BASIX certification and sustainability advice across a range of residential developments.

Social Planning Services

Through our social planning service, we help clients to consider the social impact of urban buildings, and we conduct a range of assessments related to how a building fits into its neighbourhood and its community.

Access Consulting

With our turnkey access consulting solutions, we engage our years of access architecture expertise to help our clients to achieve full compliance and best practice on accessibility to built environments for people with disabilities.

Recent E Planning Projects

Trevor St, Lilyfield

A modern two-storey boarding house in our town planning Lilyfield project presented a range of challenges for the architect and the E Planning team as they navigated the Development Application process.

Spring St, Mount Kiera

No job is too big or too small for the team at E Planners. Why? Because every job presents its own unique challenges, which contribute to the group’s expertise. This is how our town planning expertise for the Mount Kiera project reached success.

Baylis St, Wagga Wagga

Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga, is a site that many would call a ‘developer’s dream’. Sitting in a prime position in town, with frontages to Baylis Street and the Sturt Highway, this flat block was once a service station.

3/55 Pyrmont Bridge Rd
NSW 2009

1 Tudor Street
Newcastle West
NSW 2302

Level 1,
1 Burelli Street
Wollongong 25

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