Meet the Team

Barry Cotten

Founder, E Planning
Town Planner

“What Barry brings to the table is not something you can learn from doing a course, or reading a few books. It comes from years of experience. His research and preparation are second to none; he covers all bases.” – Ibrahim ConloI, ICS Design Director

Barry has years of experience in public and private sector urban planning, building, energy efficiency and project management.

He founded E Planning in the mid-1990s. The business is shaped by his personal work ethics: integrity and a commitment to results.

Throughout his career, Barry has led town planning and project teams in development assessment planning, strategic land use planning, and building consultancy in both private and local government sectors.

Barry takes a realistic, proactive and outcomes-focused approach to issues and places emphasis on detailed chronological reporting.

Before becoming a Town Planning consultant, Barry qualified as a builder, and it’s this passion for building that underpins his passion for town planning. He has a strong desire to ensure a balance between good design and meeting community needs.

Through his building knowledge he is able to offer valuable practical solutions for clients that don’t over-compromise design and yet aim to meet council objectives in the most complex circumstances.

Barry’s hand-picked team brings diverse background experience to each project. This adds value in a variety of ways, ultimately resulting in a smoothly managed, efficient process to achieve the best possible outcome.


Barry is a Certified Practising Planner (CPP) and corporate member of the Planning Institute of Australia with over 20 years of public and private sector experience in Town & Regional Planning.

Additionally, Barry is an Accredited ABSA Assessor and has extensive experience (15 years) in ABSA (NatHERS) Assessments and BASIX, Building Regulations and Work Health & Safety/Human Resources. He has a Graduate Diploma in Town Planning and a Graduate Diploma in Work Health & Safety.

Tania Hannaford

Consultant Planner

Tanya had a diverse career prior to E Planning, with roles ranging from radiation therapist to travel agent, IT Support and Accounting. It is the breadth of Tanya’s career history that has given her exceptional organisational skills and an ability to connect with people.

She has a particular love for architectural plans, property development and sustainability, but her over-riding strengths are meticulous attention to detail and the ability to absorb critical information. This means she is a trusted pair of hands when it comes to ensuring compliance and addressing regulations.

Jennifer Edwards

Sustainability Consultant

Jennifer is a highly experienced technical sustainability consultant who works closely with E Planning to provide complex BASIX/NatHERS Assessments and sustainability advice across a range of varied and complex residential developments.

She enjoys the challenge and diversity of projects we undertake and provides clients with accurate, timely, in-depth solutions to their thermal assessments.

Before becoming a sustainability industry professional, Jennifer worked in business and marketing.

Bruce Carr

Sustainability Consultant
Section J of Volume 1 of the NCC 2019

Bruce is a highly experienced technical sustainability consultant. He works closely with E Planning to provide Section J Assessments and sustainability advice.

He undertakes technical assessments of a range of varied and complex non-residential developments.

Bruce has a background in business and research and has been working as a sustainability industry professional since 2012.

Experience, efficiency and local knowledge

Our experienced town planning consultants have helped hundreds of developers, architects and homeowners put plans through council. We have the expertise to manage the entire development process and we partner with specialists when required. We never miss a deadline, and we submit organised and thoroughly prepared paperwork on time.

Sydney city aerial view

Commitment to the best outcome

Over time, the E Planning team has built a solid track record and a strong reputation for building trusted partnerships with clients. Our view that ‘client problems are ours to solve’ means that we’ve built many long-term working relationships. Most of our new business comes from existing clients who use us repeatedly or from happy past clients who’ve referred us on.

Our core values are the golden thread through everything we do: accountability, excellence, integrity and passion.

We look forward to learning about your plans. Our partnership is the next step in your development path. Find out more about our services, or contact us today.

Our Town Planning Services

Town Planning Services

We help you get Development Application and Complying Development through council. Our town planning services are aimed at large commercial and industrial developments, as well as private homes.

BASIX Certification

Our team of town planning consultants is here to help with BASIX/NatHERS Assessments, BASIX certification and sustainability advice across a range of residential developments.

Social Planning Services

Through our social planning service, we help clients to consider the social impact of urban buildings, and we conduct a range of assessments related to how a building fits into its neighbourhood and its community.

Access Consulting

With our turnkey access consulting solutions, we engage our years of access architecture expertise to help our clients to achieve full compliance and best practice on accessibility to built environments for people with disabilities.

Recent E Planning Projects

Trevor St, Lilyfield

A modern two-storey boarding house in our town planning Lilyfield project presented a range of challenges for the architect and the E Planning team as they navigated the Development Application process.

Spring St, Mount Kiera

No job is too big or too small for the team at E Planners. Why? Because every job presents its own unique challenges, which contribute to the group’s expertise. This is how our town planning expertise for the Mount Kiera project reached success.

Baylis St, Wagga Wagga

Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga, is a site that many would call a ‘developer’s dream’. Sitting in a prime position in town, with frontages to Baylis Street and the Sturt Highway, this flat block was once a service station.

3/55 Pyrmont Bridge Rd
NSW 2009

95b Station St
NSW 2750

Level 1,
1 Burelli Street
Wollongong 25

Quick question?

If you have a question about town planning, sustainability, or anything in between, we’re happy to give a clear answer or at least steer you in the right direction. Contact us through the form below or call us anytime.

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