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Town and social planning services are necessary for every community. As town planners, we primarily work with architects, developers and homeowners to lodge Development Applications through local council. But there are other services we provide, such as representation at the Land and Environment Court. So why exactly do you need a town planner? Let’s answer that question for you.

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Straight talk, real solutions

With years of experience behind us, we’ve come to understand that councils often prefer to deal with a town planner simply because we ‘speak the same language’.

But this is not the only benefit of engaging our town planning services – we know what information you need to present and which additional documentation is required. If you need specialist reports of any kind, we can coordinate those to meet council requirements and timeframes for lodgement, too. Because we live and work here, you get the benefit of local knowledge.

“Having the E Planning team on board to assist with the town planning and Development Application process made things easier – it meant we could focus on creating a good functional design, knowing that all the planning considerations were taken care of.” – Rob Gizzi, architect at Design Workshop Australia

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We specialise in planning for:

  • Urban development
  • Regional and rural areas
  • Development assessment and land use
  • Social and community-based planning
  • Environmental planning and natural resources management
  • Transport planning
  • Heritage and conservation
  • Neighbourhood and urban renewal
  • Infrastructure and services planning
  • Planning Proposals (re-zoning)
  • Commercial, industrial and residential projects.
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Feasibility studies

We can provide due diligence on a site pre-purchase, or at the pre-design stage to help you understand any potential constraints and considerations and how these can be met.

This means you’re better informed upfront to meet local council requirements.

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Project planning and DA strategy

Whether you’re in the planning phase or halfway through submitting to council, we can provide assistance that will make lodging smoother.

Councils often prefer to work directly with town planners because we understand the unique challenges without even saying them aloud.

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Pre-lodgement DA meetings with council

Before the formal lodgement of a DA, you can request a pre-lodgement meeting. This meeting is a high-level discussion with council.

These meetings can provide valuable information for the development application process, particularly any concerns the council may have.

Our highly skilled town planning consultants guide you through this process, having an in-depth knowledge of council regulations.

Development Applications

Development Applications (DAs)

The E Planning team of town planning consultants has extensive experience across a range of building types. We specialise in preparing Development Applications and Statements of Environmental Effects, and coordinate all aspects of the approval process.

We can also prepare Section 96 modification reports, review conditions of consent and monitor and manage applications post-lodgement with the council.

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Our development approval services include:

  • Statutory planning advice
  • Due diligence
  • Appropriate approval processes
  • Preliminary planning investigation reports
  • Statements of Environmental Effects across all land uses
  • Section 96 modification reports
  • Peer review of Development Applications
  • Submissions and objections to proposed Development Applications
  • Reviews of Environmental Factors
  • Section 94 Contribution Plans
  • Project negotiations with consent authorities
  • Representation at the NSW Land and Environment Court.
Westfield Tower

Representation at Land and Environment Court

If a Development Application is refused, we’re here to help you lodge a formal objection to the refusal (a Section 8.3 review) or appeal through the New South Wales Land and Environment Court.

We have extensive experience in this area, having represented several clients through the Land and Environment Court.

Planning Proposals

Planning proposals

Planning proposals used to be called ‘land rezoning’. This involves a legislative change to use a property for a different purpose than is currently permitted. This can be a complex process and it’s best done with the help of an experienced town planner.

The starting point is to prepare a Planning Proposal – a document that clearly articulates the community’s benefits of changing the current zoning.

Once the plan is consented to by local authorities, it is then subjected to a ‘Gateway Review’. This is done by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE), where the relevant minister decides it.

If the plan gets the go-ahead at the end of the review process, it is incorporated into the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) on the NSW legislation website, and the plan becomes law.

Our expert town planning consultants have experience dealing with this process, which can take some months. We are well versed in what’s required by both the local and state government authorities in a rezoning application process.

Find out more about how we can assist with your development plans to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Contact our team today.

Our Town Planning Services

Town Planning Services

We help you get Development Application and Complying Development through council. Our town planning services are aimed at large commercial and industrial developments, as well as private homes.

BASIX Certification

Our team of town planning consultants is here to help with BASIX/NatHERS Assessments, BASIX certification and sustainability advice across a range of residential developments.

Social Planning Services

Through our social planning service, we help clients to consider the social impact of urban buildings, and we conduct a range of assessments related to how a building fits into its neighbourhood and its community.

Access Consulting

With our turnkey access consulting solutions, we engage our years of access architecture expertise to help our clients to achieve full compliance and best practice on accessibility to built environments for people with disabilities.

Recent E Planning Projects

Trevor St, Lilyfield

A modern two-storey boarding house in our town planning Lilyfield project presented a range of challenges for the architect and the E Planning team as they navigated the Development Application process.

Spring St, Mount Kiera

No job is too big or too small for the team at E Planners. Why? Because every job presents its own unique challenges, which contribute to the group’s expertise. This is how our town planning expertise for the Mount Kiera project reached success.

Baylis St, Wagga Wagga

Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga, is a site that many would call a ‘developer’s dream’. Sitting in a prime position in town, with frontages to Baylis Street and the Sturt Highway, this flat block was once a service station.

3/55 Pyrmont Bridge Rd
NSW 2009

95b Station St
NSW 2750

Level 1,
1 Burelli Street
Wollongong 25

Quick question?

If you have a question about town planning, sustainability, or anything in between, we’re happy to give a clear answer or at least steer you in the right direction. Contact us through the form below or call us anytime.

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